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ERC> /join #debian-in-mentors
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 can someone add 'Debian Packaging Workshop - 9 pm IST' to topic?
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 sach: aniline hi
 aniline: we will start at 9  [20:26]
 aniline: had dinner?
 Yeah. I was just lurking :) Dinner: yes.
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 hi, will the upcoming workshop be in english?
 j4v4m4n ?  [20:29]
 morphium: yes
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 hi  [20:41]
 arvind_khadri: hi  [20:43]
 j4v4m4n, :) how are you??
 arvind_khadri: pretty good, how are you?
 am fine too, so who is gonna be teaching today :) ??  [20:44]
 arvind_khadri: we will be learning together :) I will be guiding
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 oh cool :) , I dont have Debian installed, am on ubuntu...
 is that ok?
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  arvind_khadri: we have debian boxes available for folks who don't
      have one, thanks to morphium   [20:48] 
 send me a personal message and I will give you details
 :) thats awesome...
 j4v4m4n, but does Debian and Ubuntu packaging differ a lot?
 ideas remain same, but actual packages differ  [20:50]
* j4v4m4n brb 
 oh ok..   [20:51]
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* j4v4m4n back  [21:00]
 folks thanks for joining in!
 those who don't have a debian box, please send me a private message
 lets wait 5 minutes for people to settle in  [21:04]
 I guess everyone here would have installed software in windows
 Not too much of a crowd here, i guess  [21:06]
 arvind_khadri: lets start
 \msg j4v4m4n i will join back in few minutes, need to reboot
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 arvind_khadri: I normally don't count numbers
 Am sorry, if I offended you
 so how gnu/linux differs from windows when installing software?
 arvind_khadri: not at all
 arvind_khadri: I keep hearing that always :)
 :) lesser the number, the better it is, i feel
 people tend to gaugue success by numbers, I don't  [21:09]
 We don't need to go search for a specific software any where else we
      can search in the distributions repository for that software and
      install it
 vasudev: good, but if it is not in the repository?  [21:10]
 compile the package
 well we need to download the source of the package and compile i
 or search for the PPA
 we build it from source then
 is that straight forward and easy?
 no :/  [21:11]
 no we need to look for dependecies
 so how to make it easier?
 building a package of that source and let package manager handle the
      dependencies  [21:12]
 doesnt sound easier to me ;)
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 not for a one time install
 vasudev: what is the source is not in the repo
 wat if*
 get it from the softwares site  [21:13]
 wouldn't it be easier to get it packaged?
 but if there is no package?
 build the package from the source and submit it to upstream ;)
 there are people who are good at packaging  [21:14]
 just request for a package
 in debian it is called RFP
 okay, thanks. that was the tutorial? ;)
 oh  [21:15]
 morphium: that I, think is the backup tutorial
 morphium: the plan B
 well, that is not going to be useful if you want the package today
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 the point is we need more people to package software  [21:16]
 if i'm not wrong there is one software tool which can build package
      for ur system but forgot its name
 so here we are trying to help those who can't build packages
 of course it would help us too
 we will start with a sample package  [21:17]
 but first lets see how to request it
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 many times we are able to  "make deb" in the source and get a
        debian package ready am I right?
 go to  [21:19]
 that is if you are lucky :)
 wnpp stands for work needing and prospective packages
 look at any one RFP listed there  [21:20]
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 hi j4v4m4n :)
 everyone got an RFP page?
 pavi: heya
 j4v4m4n, which part of the packaging are you in now ?  [21:22]
 yup got it
 pavi: you can skip to #debian-in-mentors
 yes  [21:23]
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 this channel is for newbies to packaging, if you have some
      familiarity go over to #debian-in-mentos
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 yes got it..
 now we want to package lekhonee-gnome  [21:24]
 it is already in debian, but assume it is not there for this
 prepare a text file with content similar to RFP you just saw  [21:25]
 and post it to  [21:26]
 is this clear?
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 arvind_khadri: sachith kamathln_away vasudev morphium clear?
 no.. confused..  [21:28]
 j4v4m4n: i didn't find lekhonee-gnome in the
 dunno what this has to do with creating packages
 j4v4m4n: yeah
 i too didn't find it  [21:29]
 j4v4m4n: havee to be away most of the times :(
 ok let me explain it again
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 vasudev: i think that is coz its already packaged  [21:30]
 when a software is not available in debian it will come up in wnpp
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 now we want to package lekhonee-gnome today
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 so it has to be in wnpp
 i cant find it in the wnpp
 we won't add it to wnpp
 but we will do it for practice
 so just create a text file and create content that should be there
      in an RFP  [21:32]
 morphium: we have to collect details about a package before we start
 morphium: this exercise will help in that  [21:33]
 j4v4m4n: bit confused here what details should we include in the
      text file?
 assume you are going to file an RFP for lekhonee-gnome
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 those details should be in the text file  [21:34]
 Shravan: hi
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 for example 
 j4v4m4n : what are we doing currently
 j4v4m4n : 2 of my friends will be joining us shortly
 Shravan: understanding RFP  [21:35]
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 deepak: thanks goit it now :)
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 Hey all
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 vincentvikram: hi
 vincentvikram: hi
 those who don't have a debian box send me a private message
 tvmanukrishnan, j4v4m4n hi  [21:38]
 jishnu7: hi
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 guys, whats the status here?
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 tvmanukrishnan: jishnu7 hi
 we started on time
 * packaging 
 I will paste the logs, give me a minute
 j4v4m4n: better keep goin on
 did I miss much?
(09:41:49  IST) satlab: hi this is Nishchay 
(09:41:53  IST) tvmanukrishnan: j4v4m4n: thanks
(09:41:54  IST) satlab: first timer
(09:42:13  IST) SMK: hi this is sanjeev, 
(09:42:31  IST) SMK: also first time :)
(09:42:37  IST) Shravan: j4v4m4n : SMK and satlab are new members what should they start with ?
sach sachith sana satlab Shravan SMK svaksha 
(09:44:14  IST) j4v4m4n: Shravan: I will most the log in a moment
(09:44:25  IST) Shravan: j4v4m4n : oki
(09:45:31  IST) ***j4v4m4n waiting for wiki update, alioth seems slow
(09:46:17  IST) Shravan: * shravan waiting for j4v4m4n to give the update
(09:46:31  IST) Shravan: i forgot :( how to put status messages 
(09:46:33  IST) sruthidevi [~sruthidev@] entered the room.
(09:46:50  IST) Shravan: *is this how i put status messages
(09:47:13  IST) j4v4m4n:  start with /me 
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(09:47:22  IST) ***Shravan happy now 
(09:47:49  IST) ***jishnu7 waiting for the log
(09:47:50  IST) pavi: hi sruthidevi 
(09:48:05  IST) j4v4m4n:
(09:48:15  IST) sruthidevi: pavi:hi
(09:48:16  IST) pavi: welcome SMK and satlab  to Debian India 
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(09:48:28  IST) j4v4m4n: can one person volunteer to put a 
 tag there
(09:48:32  IST) pavi: sruthidevi, welcome to Debian India 
(09:48:45  IST) sruthidevi: pavi:thank you
(09:48:51  IST) j4v4m4n: so those who were with me from beginning
(09:48:55  IST) deepak: j4v4m4n: its not easy to read..
(09:48:57  IST) satlab: thanks !  
(09:49:01  IST) j4v4m4n: di you all have your RFP template ready?
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(09:49:09  IST) vasudev: j4v4m4n: yes
(09:49:13  IST) kamathln_away:
(09:49:15  IST) Shravan: j4v4m4n : yes
(09:49:18  IST) pavi: deepak, IRC is a continuous stream of messages . The messages which mention your name will be highlighted
(09:49:19  IST) satlab: hoping to do some good work here, where do we start?
(09:49:25  IST) Shravan: j4v4m4n : its in my mailbox somewhere wait
(09:49:26  IST) j4v4m4n: deepak: yes someone has to do a pre format on that
(09:49:28  IST) SMK: j4v4m4n:no
(09:49:50  IST) kamathln_away: j4v4m4n: look at the link above .. its autoupdating
(09:49:56  IST) kamathln_away: add it in the topic
(09:50:03  IST) deepak: pavi: yes i know , but its hard for newbie , 
(09:50:35  IST) tvmanukrishnan1 [~tvm@] entered the room.
(09:50:43  IST) pavi: deepak, I do understand that speed is somewhat painful , but you  ( I hope ) have the logging enabled so that you can read logs later
(09:50:48  IST) j4v4m4n: kamathln_away: that link is not working
(09:50:51  IST) pavi: hi tvmanukrishnan 
(09:50:57  IST) tvmanukrishnan1: j4v4m4n: Lost connection for a while. Where can I find the log?
(09:51:07  IST) tvmanukrishnan1: pavi: hi
(09:51:09  IST) vasudev: kamathln_away: check ur firewall
(09:51:16  IST) j4v4m4n: folks please keep discussion to packaging
(09:51:21  IST) SMK: j4v4m4n: wer do I start? newbie :)
(09:51:30  IST) jainbasil: hi j4v4m4n 
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(09:52:03  IST) pavi: Shravan, can you point your packaging blog to SMK  ?
(09:52:45  IST) j4v4m4n: SMK:
(09:53:01  IST) j4v4m4n: folks please no cross talking
(09:53:19  IST) Shravan: pavi , j4v4m4n : should we give them packages to start with like you guys gave us ?
(09:53:30  IST) deepak: pavi: its not required , do not assume that everybody will use pidgin or xchat anyway no issue, go ahead with session .
(09:53:38  IST) pavi: j4v4m4n, what was the plan ?
(09:53:42  IST) j4v4m4n: Shravan: they are starting with lekhonee-gnome
(09:54:13  IST) Shravan: j4v4m4n : can they start with hyphenation because it has only 1 file ?
(09:54:51  IST) j4v4m4n: Shravan: check logs, we are starting with lekhonee-gnome
(09:55:19  IST) j4v4m4n: vasudev: morphium sachith do you have the text ready?
(09:55:32  IST) j4v4m4n: just repeating the task for everyone
(09:55:51  IST) j4v4m4n: you have to create a text file with content similar to an RFP for lekhonee-gnome
(09:55:56  IST) vasudev: j4v4m4n: yes we have but not able to get few fields
(09:55:57  IST) vasudev: j4v4m4n: author name and license
(09:56:00  IST) sachith: ya.. i just prepared outline from bug report of deepak.. 
(09:56:11  IST) j4v4m4n: vasudev: good
(09:56:23  IST) ***svaksha suggests the ops -v all nicks, except the session-owner, redirect questions to second temporat channel, which will be answered after the session is over.
(09:56:27  IST) j4v4m4n: download lehonee-gnome latest tarball
(09:56:32  IST) svaksha: temporary*
(09:57:05  IST) j4v4m4n: svaksha: we will do that if it becomes totally unmanageable
(09:57:28  IST) deepak: svaksha: that's fine here.
(09:57:39  IST) napster: j4v4m4n: can you give us the direct link to it?
(09:57:46  IST) j4v4m4n: vasudev: extract the source code and look for some clues there
(09:58:02  IST) j4v4m4n: napster: just search for lekhonee-gnome
(09:58:10  IST) tvmanukrishnan1: j4v4m4n: The log is hard to read. Do someone have a better formatted one?
(09:58:18  IST) vasudev: j4v4m4n: sure.. i can see 2 versions 0.7 and 0.11 which one should we proceed with?
(09:59:05  IST) j4v4m4n: vasudev: first one is plain lekhonee using qt
(09:59:15  IST) j4v4m4n: vasudev: we are going to work on lekhonee-gnome
(09:59:47  IST) vasudev: j4v4m4n: ok downloading it now
(10:00:07  IST) jishnu7: vasudev, you got the link >?
(10:00:18  IST) j4v4m4n: napster: got it?
(10:00:22  IST) napster: j4v4m4n:
(10:00:46  IST) j4v4m4n: napster: 0.11 is latest
(10:00:48  IST) tvmanukrishnan1: is it 0.11-1?
(10:01:27  IST) j4v4m4n: tvmanukrishnan1: you have to take upstream source
(10:01:27  IST) satlab: shravn: ok i have got the source
(10:01:30  IST) hemanth_ [~hemanth@] entered the room.
(10:01:52  IST) ***Shravan waiting for SMK to download the source
(10:01:55  IST) j4v4m4n: satlab: extract it and look into the files
(10:02:11  IST) jishnu7: satlab, can you share the link ?
(10:02:17  IST) napster: j4v4m4n:
(10:02:29  IST) j4v4m4n: satlab: create a text file using an RFP template
(10:02:49  IST) satlab: jishnu7: actually i got the files from shravan over scp
(10:02:53  IST) j4v4m4n: napster:
(10:02:53  IST) SMK: got the source
(10:03:09  IST) vasudev: j4v4m4n: Ok I got all the required fields
(10:03:33  IST) j4v4m4n: vasudev: cool, paste it to
(10:05:12  IST) j4v4m4n: napster: got it?
(10:05:20  IST) vasudev: j4v4m4n: my rfp.txt
(10:05:42  IST) krish8664 [~krish8664@] entered the room.
(10:05:43  IST) napster: j4v4m4n:
(10:05:49  IST) SMK: j4v4m4n:wer do i start with the code?
(10:06:22  IST) j4v4m4n: vasudev: see it has to have good descriptions
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(10:07:17  IST) j4v4m4n: napster: look at vasudev's file
(10:07:42  IST) j4v4m4n: SMK: you have to start with a text file
(10:07:51  IST) vasudev: j4v4m4n: yeah will update it
(10:08:23  IST) krish8664 [~krish8664@] entered the room.
(10:09:24  IST) krish8664: hi
(10:09:37  IST) satlab: shravan: what txt file?
(10:09:46  IST) j4v4m4n: anyone yet to complete their RFP templates?
(10:10:10  IST) j4v4m4n: krish8664:
(10:11:10  IST) satlab: j4m4v4n: i have to complete the template 
(10:11:17  IST) SMK: not done with the RFP template
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(10:11:29  IST) j4v4m4n: vasudev: hey help SMK and satlab
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(10:11:58  IST) vasudev: j4v4m4n: sure
(10:12:04  IST) jishnu7: j4v4m4n,
(10:13:03  IST) sachith:
(10:13:08  IST) j4v4m4n: jishnu7: help satlab and SMK 
(10:13:21  IST) j4v4m4n: other if you need help ask vasudev and jishnu7 
(10:13:38  IST) tvmanukrishnan1:
(10:15:24  IST) satlab: j4v4m4n: does this src directory need to have a debian folder
(10:15:35  IST) satlab: mine doesnt seem to have one
(10:16:06  IST) j4v4m4n: satlab: we will create it
(10:16:14  IST) satlab: ok
(10:16:18  IST) j4v4m4n: tvmanukrishnan1: how did you find upstream author?
(10:16:20  IST) SMK: vasudev: downloaded the source, wat next?
(10:16:23  IST) j4v4m4n: tvmanukrishnan1: I did not write it
(10:17:30  IST) tvmanukrishnan1: j4v4m4n: sorry. googling led me to the debian package page by you :)
(10:17:34  IST) satlab: j4v4m4n: made the folder
(10:17:43  IST) satlab: now what should i write in the first file?
(10:18:24  IST) hemanth_: dh_make created a debian dir, need to edit the control
(10:19:04  IST) SMK: made the dir "debian"...wat do i do now?
(10:19:21  IST) j4v4m4n: tvmanukrishnan1: you have to use upstream source
(10:20:03  IST) tvmanukrishnan1: j4v4m4n: fine. got it
(10:20:04  IST) vasudev: SMK: did u create the template file?
(10:20:37  IST) satlab: vasudev: what should the template file be called
(10:20:42  IST) SMK: vasudev: dnt know how to do it...just created the debian dir in the top directory
(10:21:07  IST) vasudev: SMK: just sent a private message
(10:21:10  IST) tvmanukrishnan1: j4v4m4n: what exactly does owner signify in the rfp template?
(10:22:07  IST) j4v4m4n: tvmanukrishnan1: who requested it
(10:25:30  IST) j4v4m4n: ready for next step?
(10:25:57  IST) vasudev: j4v4m4n: yes
(10:26:03  IST) jishnu7: j4v4m4n, yes
(10:26:14  IST) tvmanukrishnan1: j4v4m4n: yes
(10:26:36  IST) napster: j4v4m4n: :-)
(10:26:42  IST) sana left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 480 seconds).
(10:27:10  IST) j4v4m4n: open new maintainers' guide
(10:27:46  IST) satlab: this is the template i made
(10:27:48  IST) satlab:
(10:27:51  IST) SMK: pasted:
(10:28:02  IST) CIA-3: Debian-IN: jaldhar * r884 /website/trunk/irc_log_oct_14_2010.mdwn: web commit by vincentvikram
(10:29:02  IST) napster:
(10:29:07  IST) jishnu7:
(10:29:19  IST) vasudev: j4v4m4n: done
(10:29:29  IST) j4v4m4n: got to section 4.1
(10:29:36  IST) j4v4m4n: others you can read later
(10:30:00  IST) tvmanukrishnan1: k
(10:30:03  IST) krish8664 left the room.
(10:30:58  IST) Shravan: j4v4m4n : what should i do ?
(10:31:22  IST) j4v4m4n: we will be creating files under debian directory inside the source directory
(10:31:32  IST) j4v4m4n: Shravan: complete that manpage :)
(10:31:42  IST) j4v4m4n: create control file
(10:31:48  IST) vasudev: ok
(10:32:07  IST) j4v4m4n: ask if you can't get something
(10:32:56  IST) sana [~sana@] entered the room.
(10:35:00  IST) Shravan: j4v4m4n : :)
(10:35:28  IST) j4v4m4n: Shravan: did you complete it?
(10:36:10  IST) Shravan: j4v4m4n : i am making the makefile currently 
(10:36:40  IST) j4v4m4n: Shravan: cool
(10:36:57  IST) vasudev: j4v4m4n: which section does this package go into?
(10:38:41  IST) j4v4m4n: vasudev: it is give in new main guide, read below the sample control file
(10:39:38  IST) Obadiah [] entered the room.
(10:39:58  IST) Obadiah is now known as Vivek
(10:40:43  IST) j4v4m4n: vasudev: got it?
(10:40:44  IST) Vivek: Hi
(10:40:52  IST) Vivek: j4v4m4n: Hi
(10:41:02  IST) vasudev: j4v4m4n: yeah
(10:41:06  IST) j4v4m4n: Vivek: hi
(10:41:26  IST) jishnu7: j4v4m4n, finished reading the control file section
(10:41:42  IST) j4v4m4n: jishnu7: create a control file for lekhonee-gnome
(10:42:00  IST) jishnu7: j4v4m4n, k
(10:42:35  IST) jishnu7: j4v4m4n, what should be the file name ? just control ?
(10:43:36  IST) j4v4m4n: jishnu7: yes, inside debian directory
(10:44:13  IST) tvmanukrishnan1: j4v4m4n: Is build-depends values the same as those listed as the dependencies in the upstream page?
(10:45:00  IST) Vivek: j4v4m4n: I am also at work, so I'll be lurking.
(10:45:08  IST) j4v4m4n: tvmanukrishnan1: you have to find it out
(10:45:13  IST) j4v4m4n: Vivek: cool
(10:45:30  IST) tvmanukrishnan1: j4v4m4n: k
(10:45:41  IST) j4v4m4n: tvmanukrishnan1: upstream site can give you indications, it may not be complete
(10:46:02  IST) j4v4m4n: tvmanukrishnan1: README file will also have some information
(10:47:41  IST) tvmanukrishnan1: j4v4m4n: I found that, but the list in upstream page has more 
(10:48:29  IST) manojkmohan left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 480 seconds).
(10:48:57  IST) j4v4m4n: tvmanukrishnan1: you have use both
(10:49:23  IST) j4v4m4n: tvmanukrishnan1: most of the times you have to find it the hard way
(10:49:49  IST) tvmanukrishnan1: installing built-essential now. 
(10:50:25  IST) tvmanukrishnan1: hope dpkg-depcheck is there.
(10:50:38  IST) j4v4m4n: so folks to find out build dependecies, you have to build the package following instructions in README
(10:51:23  IST) vasudev: j4v4m4n: i didn't had devscripts installed in my machine do i need to install it to find dependencies
(10:52:11  IST) j4v4m4n: vasudev: build it
(10:52:30  IST) vasudev: j4v4m4n: ok
(10:54:03  IST) tvmanukrishnan1: j4v4m4n: In which package is dpkg-devcheck exactly? devscripts complete is heavy for me to install now. just dialup here
(10:54:26  IST) Shravan: j4v4m4n : btw the lekhonee-gnome the dependency used python-gtkhtml2 is not installable :(
(10:54:34  IST) karunakar [~karunakar@] entered the room.
(10:55:05  IST) j4v4m4n: Shravan: :(
(10:55:41  IST) vasudev: j4v4m4n: having trouble with intltool :( installing new version now
(10:55:57  IST) Shravan: j4v4m4n : can i report this bug :P
(10:56:00  IST) j4v4m4n: Shravan: do we really need that?
(10:56:16  IST) Shravan: j4v4m4n : package does not install  otherwise :(
(10:58:01  IST) j4v4m4n: Shravan: grr
(10:58:10  IST) Shravan: j4v4m4n : :P
(10:59:47  IST) j4v4m4n: Shravan: it got installed without problem on a clean box
(11:00:03  IST) Shravan: j4v4m4n : not installing here :( will try again
(11:00:06  IST) arvind__ [~arvind@] entered the room.
(11:01:07  IST) tvmanukrishnan1: j4v4m4n: can I skip depcheck for now and use the names from readme?
(11:01:26  IST) j4v4m4n: tvmanukrishnan1: I don't know about depcheck
(11:01:37  IST) j4v4m4n: tvmanukrishnan1: use readme
(11:01:37  IST) satlab: whats the other method?
(11:01:54  IST) j4v4m4n: satlab: read README
(11:02:03  IST) j4v4m4n: satlab: follow instructions given there
(11:02:08  IST) tvmanukrishnan1: j4v4m4n: dpkg-depcheck
(11:02:11  IST) tvmanukrishnan1: k
(11:02:26  IST) arvind__ is now known as arvind_khadri
(11:05:20  IST) j4v4m4n: everyone got build dependencies figured out?
(11:05:55  IST) vasudev: j4v4m4n: not yet :(
(11:06:30  IST) arvind_k left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 480 seconds).
(11:06:43  IST) j4v4m4n: sachith: did you get it?
(11:06:47  IST) tvmanukrishnan1: Is this fine?
(11:07:51  IST) j4v4m4n: Shravan: is that one fine?
(11:07:58  IST) j4v4m4n: tvmanukrishnan1: Shravan will review it
(11:08:09  IST) sachith left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 480 seconds).
(11:08:16  IST) tvmanukrishnan1: j4v4m4n: ok
(11:09:01  IST) j4v4m4n: tvmanukrishnan1: what about maintainer?
(11:09:11  IST) j4v4m4n: tvmanukrishnan1: who is going to maintain this package?
(11:09:35  IST) Shravan: tvmanukrishnan1: section : net
(11:09:45  IST) Shravan: tvmanukrishnan1 : priority : extra
(11:09:57  IST) Shravan: tvmanukrishnan1 : maintainer : 
(11:10:11  IST) j4v4m4n: Shravan: that is too easy for tvmanukrishnan1 
(11:10:16  IST) sachith [~sachith@] entered the room.
(11:10:39  IST) tvmanukrishnan1: line 4 : isn't it the upstraem maintainer?
(11:10:40  IST) j4v4m4n: Shravan: tell him how to find those out
(11:10:45  IST) Shravan: j4v4m4n : :P
(11:11:00  IST) Shravan: tvmanukrishnan1 : source , package name :)
(11:11:04  IST) deepak: Shravan: tvmanukrishnan1 - source name shou
(11:11:07  IST) j4v4m4n: Shravan: every time you won't be there to help him
(11:11:59  IST) j4v4m4n: we are learning how to make any software into a debian package
(11:12:24  IST) j4v4m4n: so giving direct answers won't help when he has to create a different package
(11:12:26  IST) tvmanukrishnan1: Shravan: section is ok, I got why it belongs to net. But why priority: extra?
(11:14:40  IST) Shravan: tvmanukrishnan1 : detailed mention of all priorities :
(11:15:27  IST) j4v4m4n: tvmanukrishnan1:  "only likely to be useful if you already know what they are"
(11:16:24  IST) tvmanukrishnan1: okey. got it now
(11:16:55  IST) tvmanukrishnan1: so, in line 4, no need to mention about the upstream maintainer?
(11:17:07  IST) SMK: to find the exact package names, type out the entire or part name in the synaptic manager search field
(11:17:21  IST) j4v4m4n: sachith: found out dependencies?
(11:18:06  IST) j4v4m4n: tvmanukrishnan1: there is copyright file to mention upstream author
(11:18:12  IST) deepak: tvmanukrishnan1: debian/control file contain information which is Debian related .
(11:18:15  IST) j4v4m4n: tvmanukrishnan1: that is next file
(11:18:38  IST) tvmanukrishnan1: ok
(11:19:20  IST) j4v4m4n: Shravan: come to #debian-in-mentors and help sana
(11:19:41  IST) Shravan: j4v4m4n : already helping sana on personal chat
(11:19:51  IST) Shravan: j4v4m4n : will come there also
(11:19:54  IST) j4v4m4n: Shravan: superb!
(11:20:18  IST) CIA-3: Debian-IN: jaldhar * r885 /website/trunk/irc_log_oct_14_2010.mdwn: web commit by vincentvikram
(11:21:13  IST) tvmanukrishnan1: made changes and the new one is here: Please check
(11:21:28  IST) vasudev: j4v4m4n: hey need help stuck in depedency gtksourceview-2.0 i did apt-cache search and found libgtk2-sourceview2-perl also installed it but still not able to build it.. any tips
(11:23:30  IST) j4v4m4n: tvmanukrishnan1: Source is Source package name and Package is binary package name
(11:23:58  IST) tvmanukrishnan1: j4v4m4n: :( I didn't get that
(11:26:06  IST) j4v4m4n: vasudev: you will need -dev packages
(11:26:18  IST) vasudev: j4v4m4n: ok
(11:26:22  IST) j4v4m4n: tvmanukrishnan1: line 1 line 9
(11:26:26  IST) satlab: j4v4m4n
(11:26:32  IST) j4v4m4n: satlab: yes
(11:26:37  IST) satlab: : i am stuck on the dependencies
(11:26:43  IST) satlab: but have to leave now
(11:26:53  IST) satlab: will figure this out soon, 
(11:27:09  IST) j4v4m4n: satlab: ok bye
(11:27:21  IST) j4v4m4n: satlab: go through new maintainers' guide
(11:27:29  IST) satlab: sure
(11:27:30  IST) j4v4m4n: you can come to this channel any time
(11:27:37  IST) j4v4m4n: or #debian-mentors
(11:27:38  IST) satlab: thanks for all the help
(11:27:40  IST) satlab: bye
(11:27:44  IST) satlab: goodnight
(11:27:49  IST) j4v4m4n: satlab: good night
(11:28:01  IST) tvmanukrishnan1: j4v4m4n: will both be lekhonee-gnome
(11:28:08  IST) j4v4m4n: tvmanukrishnan1: yes
(11:28:10  IST) SMK: satlab:good night
(11:28:11  IST) ***Shravan wishes satlab good night
(11:28:21  IST) SMK: hoping to c satlab tomorrow
(11:28:44  IST) ***satlab i am a person and leaving now
(11:28:53  IST) satlab left the room (Leaving).
(11:29:06  IST) tvmanukrishnan1: j4v4m4n: should it have version number?
(11:29:20  IST) j4v4m4n: tvmanukrishnan1: some times one source package can have more than one binary package
 tvmanukrishnan1: version is tracked in another file
      debian/changelong  [23:28]
 j4v4m4n: then package will be different from source ri8?
 j4v4m4n: ok
 j4v4m4n,   [23:29]
 tvmanukrishnan1: run  dpkg -l libc6* and you can see different
      binary packages of gnu c library
 j4v4m4n: What is the significance of standards-version? And
         what value should that have?  [23:30]
 tvmanukrishnan1: it is version of debian policy
 tvmanukrishnan1: search net for debian policy and look at the bottom
      for the version number  [23:31]
* j4v4m4n wonder if there is an easier way to find out
 j4v4m4n: always use the latest?
 jishnu7: see last lines of discussion with tvmanukrishnan1 
 tvmanukrishnan1: yes  [23:32]
*** dk (~dk@ has joined channel #debian-in
*** dk (~dk@ is now known as deepak_
*** deepak (~dk@ has quit: Ping timeout: 480 seconds  [23:33]
 every one see this example package  [23:34]
 j4v4m4n: I'm off for the night. Pl update the wiki last
        thing.. is central place for any debian package
 vasudev: ping
* napster think binary packages are easier to build
 vincentvikram: thanks for the wiki updates
 g'night all
 vincentvikram: good night  [23:35]
*** vincentvikram (~vincent@ has quit: Quit: Leaving.
 napster: how?
* Shravan wished vincentvikram goodnight
 tvmanukrishnan1: you will see different source and binary package
      names in above example  [23:36]
 j4v4m4n: fakeroot dpkg-deb --build debian on the source root tree,
      with the exact hierarchy as the file system :-)
 j4v4m4n: pong
 j4v4m4n: confused with "Depends" the ${shlibs:Depends},
         {perl:Depends} etc  [23:37]
 napster: here we are talking about binaries created from a source
      tar ball
 all : SMK is building the source hes almost finished with it. He
      will tell us the dependencies when they are done
 j4v4m4n: sorry, it wasn't meant as a smiley  [23:38]
 Shravan: SMK cool
 Debian-IN: jaldhar * r886 /website/trunk/irc_log_oct_14_2010.mdwn: web
    commit by vincentvikram
 j4v4m4n : do you have that makefile mail you sent me and saji ?
 j4v4m4n: can you help on that?  [23:39]
 tvmanukrishnan1: imagine how big the control file would be for glibs
 Shravan: help tvmanukrishnan1 
*** jainbasil (~jainbasil@ has quit: Quit: Leaving
 j4v4m4n : okies   [23:40]
 Shravan: I didn't get the idea of Depends, the values within
         {}  [23:41]
 Shravan: are they necessary?
 tvmanukrishnan1: that will be substituted by actual package names by
 j4v4m4n,  [23:42]
 tvmanukrishnan1 : those are just variable names something similar to
      how you have shell variable names
 tvmanukrishnan1: just keep line 11 from new maint guide as is
 tvmanukrishnan1 : which step are you currently stuck at ?
 j4v4m4n: ok
 Shravan: j4v4m4n helped me out  [23:43]
 tvmanukrishnan1 : okies
 jishnu7: Depends section needs change
 tvmanukrishnan1: have you gone through
 see discussion with tvmanukrishnan1 
 j4v4m4n, k  [23:44]
 everybody who wanted to learn basic packaging has to go through , 
 at-least once  [23:45]
* vasudev need to leave now  [23:46]
* vasudev wishing every one good night
 vasudev: good night
 j4v4m4n: good night
 tvmanukrishnan1: for now just keep the two variables as is in
      depends  [23:47]
 done  [23:48]
 tvmanukrishnan1, post your update   [23:49]
 unmet dependencies on my system :
*** vasudev (~vasudev@ has quit: Quit: Leaving.  [23:50]
 SMK: how did you get that list? and what is the exact error?
*** kamathln_away (~kamathln@ has quit: Quit: So long, and
    thanks for all the tips!
*** sachith (~sachith@ has quit: Read error: Connection reset by
    peer  [23:51]
 ran ./configure and searched for the packages in the synaptic
 gave me around 6 unmet dependencies
 SMK : Great work !!
 SMK: I did not get it  [23:52]
 Shravan: what did SMK  do?
 j4v4m4n, what abt now ?  [23:53]
 j4v4m4 : SMK ran the ./configure file and whenever the unmet
      dependency error came he installed that dependency until a clean
      make file was created  [23:54]
 jishnu7: run apt-get install Vala Glib2 libxml libsoup
      gtksourceview2 gtkspell2 webkitgtk gee-1.0
 Shravan: ok
 SMK: create the control file
 j4v4m4n, all those are not found   [23:55]
 jishnu7: see if you can insatall all the packages
 tvmanukrishnan1: same for you
 jishnu7: :(
 another ap-get is running... :(
 jishnu7: you are supposed to give actual package names that can be
 SMK: help jishnu7 to find actual package names
 SMK, ping  [23:56]
* Shravan wants to ask kushal the dependencies won't that me much simple :D
 run ./configure.  Whatever unmet dependency error pops up, search for
      the package in the synaptic package manager
 for every search string, you will get a lot of packages, i found that
      the lib*-dev packages are the actual ones  [23:58]
 SMK, configure: error: no acceptable C compiler found in $PATH
 SMK: if something is already mentioned in README or website you
      don't have to wait for ./configure to give error
*** sach_ (~sach5776@ has joined channel #debian-in

[വെ ഒക്ടോ 15 2010]
 jishnu7 : you have to modify the PATH  [00:00]
 like to go the tough way...:P
 SMK: hmm your choice :D
 jishnu7 : please run " echo $PATH " on your command line and tell me
      what the output is ?
 jishnu7: you have to install build-essential package  [00:02]
 j4v4m4n, oh...k
 that will install all basic packages needed for building packages
 Shravan, j4v4m4n now it is gone
 jishnu7 : after running build-essentials 
 j4v4m4n, i thought that was installed on the account u give
 Shravan, error: Your intltool is too old.  You need intltool 0.35 or
      later.  [00:04]
 tvmanukrishnan1: run apt-get install valac libglib2.0-0 libsoup2.4-1
      libxml2 libgtk2.0-0 libgtksourceview2.0-0 libgtkspell0
      libwebkit-1.0-2 libgee2
 jishnu7: what do you think?
 jishnu7: see the list of packages i hv posted in the paste
 jishnu7: no don't look
 SMK: he has to find it out
 this time you are there
 SMK: how will he find it when he has a new package?  [00:05]
 j4v4m4n: need 3MB to be fetched. takes upto 5 mins for me
 we are teaching how to catch a fish not giving free fish
 tvmanukrishnan1: 5 minute should be ok, move to copyright file
 ok  [00:06]
*** sach (~sach5776@ has quit: Ping timeout: 480 seconds
*** sach_ (~sach5776@ is now known as sach
 tvmanukrishnan1: let the download happen in parallel
 j4v4m4n, Shravan yeah.. installed intltool
 tvmanukrishnan1: you can use licensecheck -r * command to find
      licenses of each source file  [00:07]
 tvmanukrishnan1: we need to note down copyright of every single
      source file in the archive  [00:08]
 tvmanukrishnan1: you can use wild cards like *.c
 ok. let me look  [00:09]
 all : oki guys me going home will come online after i reach home
 Shravan: c ya soon
 j4v4m4n: wat do i do now?configuration is done  [00:11]
*** Shravan (~shravan@ has quit: Quit: Leaving  [00:12]
 SMK: post your control file
 j4v4m4n: How to get copyright name for individual files, if
         they hav?  [00:13]
 j4v4m4n, successfully configured..
 j4v4m4n: Installed all the dependencies by now
 tvmanukrishnan1: licensecheck -r *  [00:14]
 jishnu7: di you add all build dependencies to control file?
 jishnu7: post updated control file
 j4v4m4n, now doing that
 j4v4m4n: it shows only filename and lisence version. No
         copyright informations
 j4v4m4n, i should remove old  right ?  [00:15]
 SMK: only debhelper in build depends?
 jishnu7: it has to installable package names required for builinding
 napster: ping  [00:16]
 j4v4m4n: wat else should i add there?
 j4v4m4n: alive
 SMK: what packages does it needs to build?
 napster: got your control file?
 j4v4m4n: Yes, I'm confused with the S packages.  [00:17]
 no probs
 j4v4m4n: should I post the package names as well?
 j4v4m4n: continue with the session
 napster: post your control file
 SMK: what do you think?  [00:18]
 j4v4m4n, should i mention build essentials ?
 that is assumed
 j4v4m4n, can i go to make part ?  [00:19]
 jishnu7: post new control file
 napster: look at control file posted by others and make changes
 napster: it should have at least one source and binary package
 jishnu7: try make  [00:21]
 SMK: ?
 j4v4m4n: copyright:  [00:22]
 j4v4m4n: the dependencies are installed too
 updated:  [00:23]
 tvmanukrishnan1: complete control now
 tvmanukrishnan1: read discussion with jishnu
 tvmanukrishnan1: use *.c *.vala when licenses are repeating  [00:25]
 Debian-IN: jaldhar * r887 /website/trunk/irc_log_oct_14_2010.mdwn: web
    commit by
 SMK: dependencies are separated by comma and no need to give
      versions of -dev packages  [00:26]
 j4v4m4n: but there are differences in license in .vala and
         .c files.
 tvmanukrishnan1: there shouldn't be
 tvmanukrishnan1: but do that later
 tvmanukrishnan1: focus on control  [00:27] was my last change
 tvmanukrishnan1: you can check copyright file from the actual
      package and compare
 tvmanukrishnan1: also read  [00:28]
 j4v4m4n, stuck at an error
 j4v4m4n:will this do--
*** Vivek ( has quit: Quit:
    Leaving  [00:29]
 j4v4m4n: what to do with control now?  [00:30]
 SMK: looks better but take care of proper spacing a, b (comma just
      after first word then space and then second word)
 tvmanukrishnan1: see if you can install all those packages listed in
      build depends
 jishnu7: what error?  [00:31]
 j4v4m4n: did that and it was successfull
 SMK: jishnu7 help tvmanukrishnan1 to build the package from
 napster: ping  [00:32]
 j4v4m4n: pong
 napster: compared your file with others?  [00:33]
 jishnu7: ping
 tvmanukrishnan1: did u run ./configure?  [00:34]
 j4v4m4n, SMK
 error: Your intltool is too old.  You need intltool 0.35 or
 tvmanukrishnan1: what should be the fix?  [00:35]
 jishnu7: look at first line
 j4v4m4n, i hav already installed gee n libgee
 j4v4m4n: apt-getting
 j4v4m4n: takes more time here :(  [00:36]
 SMK: is that enough for jishnu7 ?
* napster lost the thread, may be out!
 tvmanukrishnan1: if you are waiting try to fix copyright file :)
 tvmanukrishnan1: then install that by apt-get. We need these packages  :
 napster: just check the control files they are posting
 and see what you need to change
 SMK: help napster   [00:37]
 SMK, ping
*** Shravan (~shravan@ has joined channel #debian-in
 Shravan: hey
* Shravan has reached home and is back to help people :)
 j4v4m4n : hi
 sana : till were have you reached
 Shravan: will post the log in a moment
 j4v4m4n : oki :) 
 napster: install the packages stated in this page:
 j4v4m4n: hig_table.c is v3, but LekhoneeMain.c is v2. so how can I use wild cards in copyright?
 the package names may differ
 are we doing the copyright file now
>sana< done ?
 Shravan: j4v4m4n asked me to start it as my apt-get takes time
 tvmanukrishnan1 : ok which part of it have you reached now ?
>SMK< hi
 Shravan: is the copyright
 Shravan: having problems using wildcards
 tvmanukrishnan1  : if a bunch of files have the same licenses then you can use * 
 jishnu7: try libgee-dev
 SMK, already installed
 tvmanukrishnan1: ok use comma separated files then for all v2 and another list for v3
 j4v4m4n: ok
 jishnu7: you can install apt-file
 encountered an error:
 jishnu7: and apt-file find gee.h
 have libxml2 installed though
 apt-file is nt thr.
 tvmanukrishnan1: SMK and jishnu7 got past that error
 jishnu7: install that first
 SMK : please tell tvmanukrishnan1 the package to install to get those libraries
 or use to search for a file inside a package
 jishnu7: did you run ./configure again after installing libgee-dev
 j4v4m4n, nope
 j4v4m4n, now worked//
 successfully done make
 napster: look at 4.1 section of new main guide to add Package section below Source
 j4v4m4n, now what to do ?
 tvmanukrishnan1: tell jishnu7 about copyright file
 jishnu7: read the next section of the manual and start creating a copyright file
 tvmanukrishnan1, k..
 jishnu7: use licensecheck -r * to find the lisence details for each file
 SMK: you also move to copyright file
 not done with make yet
 j4v4m4n: couldn't figure out libxml-2.0
 Shravan: help napster with control file
 SMK: ok
 j4v4v4m : oki sana is almost done i think
>napster< hi
 j4v4m4n: both libxml2 and libxml++2.6 are installed
 tvmanukrishnan1: you will need -dev files for build depends because -dev containes header files
 for all?
 tvmanukrishnan1: yes
 oops! that will again take time :(
 napster : come to private chat please
>napster< you there
 napster : you there ?
 j4v4m4n: will work on copyright till it gets installed
>SMK< can you get these messages which i am typing ?
 tvmanukrishnan1: ok move to changelog
 tvmanukrishnan1: do copyright as an homework
 tvmanukrishnan1: use dch command
 Debian-IN: jaldhar * r888 /website/trunk/irc_log_oct_14_2010.mdwn: web commit by
 j4v4m4n, am i maintainer or i have copyright ?
 jishnu7: you have copyright to files under debian directory
 jishnu7: other files will have copyright information at the top
 j4v4m4n, maintainer should be the original author right ?
 tvmanukrishnan1: what do you think about jishnu7's question?
 just messaged him private
 guys, unable to get past the gee.h not found error :(
 copying here "oh that copright. I think its for you :) and maintainer, the upstream maintainer"
* karunakar has quit (Quit: Leaving)
 tvmanukrishnan1, should i be the package maintainer ? does that point to package maintainer ?
 SMK: libgee-dev?
 confused! j4v4m4n help!
 tvmanukrishnan1 : what happened ?
 but I think I got Maintainer filed wrong there
 SMK: try configure again
 tvmanukrishnan1: use dch command
 jishnu7: its the other way
 jishnu7: as you said
 Maintainer - Line(s) containing the preferred address(es) to reach current upstream maintainer(s)
 tvmanukrishnan1, i am the maintainer right ?
 jishnu7: that is in control file
 copyright file is more about upstream
 jishnu7: I also made that mistake :(
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* napster has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
 folks I got to go Shravan may be hanging around
 please update the wiki if you folks are hanging around
 thanks a lot everyone
 j4v4m4n : i will hang around for maybe till 1:30 :P then i will also sleep
 j4v4m4n : how do i update the wiki ?
 good night folks
 j4v4m4n, and copyright to us right ?
 jishnu7: only for debian/*
 gud night j4v4m4n....thanks a lot :)
 j4v4m4n : how do i update the wiki ?
 Shravan: you have to create a login
 j4v4m4n : ahh i will mail you all the logs :P 
 Shravan: click on edit and paste remaining logs
 Shravan: editing wiki is also a required learning :)
 Debian-IN: jaldhar * r889 /website/trunk/irc_log_oct_14_2010.mdwn: web commit by
 j4v4m4n : okies :P
 jishnu7: tvmanukrishnan1 Shravan good night
* j4v4m4n leaves
 j4v4m4n, good nyt
 j4v4m4n : gn
 j4v4m4n: gudni8
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 Shravan, what to do after creating copyright file >
 jishnu7 : please post your copyright file for review
 jishnu7: go for changelog, after review
 jishnu7: unable to solve gee.h error
 SMK : we will keep compiling the file aside for sometime now
 SMK, did u configured again after installing dependencies ? wat do i take up now?
 SMK : Lets goto making the copyright file 
 jishnu7: successfully completed ./configure. what next?
 tvmanukrishnan1, make
 jishnu7:ok..will do that
 Shravan : how to make copyright file?
 SMK : Section 4.2 of debian new maintainers guide
 jishnu7: what must be the change to  be made in path to fix the header issues?
 jishnu7 : Please post your copyright file
 Shravan, still on that..
 jishnu7 : oki 
 jishnu7, i didn't get u.. what issue ?
 find gee.h
 tvmanukrishnan1, you need to install libgee-dev n configure again
 jinshnu7 : SMK i think tried that and it did not work for him
 jishnu7: make ran fine. now what?
 tvmanukrishnan1, next is copyright ask Shravan 
 jishnu7: working on it
 tvmanukrishnan1 : section 4.2 explains what exactly the copyright file is and how to make one.
 Shravan:Jishnu7: reconfigured, got some unmet fixing them
 tvmanukrishnan1 : Copy paste the template and edit the necessary information
 Shravan: ok
 ok guys, leaving now....will continue slow internet connection :(
 SMK : bye gn
 Shravan, ping
 SMK: bye, gud ni8
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 jishnu7 : replace GPL (v2 or later) with GPL-2+
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 jishnu7 : same for LGPL
 Shravan: Please review
 Shravan, done. anything else ?
 tvmanukrishnan1 : you do not need to put " SMK : bye gn
  Shravan, ping
  SMK: bye, gud ni8
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  jishnu7 : replace GPL (v2 or later) with GPL-2+
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  jishnu7 : same for LGPL
  Shravan: Please review http://p" after every file line. It must be only put at the end
 sorry my mistake
 will type that out again
 This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
  it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as published by
  the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
  (at your option) any later version.
  This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
  but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
  GNU Lesser General Public License for more details.
  You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public License
  along with this program.  If not, see .
  On Debian systems, the complete text of the GNU Library General Public
  License, version 2, can be found in /usr/share/common-licenses/LGPL-3
 that text need not be put after every "file" line
 it should only be put in the end
 Shravan: but won't it be different for GPLv2, v3 and LGPL?
 Shravan: I referred this:
 tvmanukrishnan1 : ohh very sorry your correct i did not see they both have different licenses
* Shravan is sleepy
 yes tvmanukrinshan1 your copyright file is correct
 jishnu7 : please refer to tvmanukrishnan1 copyright file and make the minor changes required
 Shravan: but I didn't include the copyright names as I don't know that. So, is that okay?
 backpain has started for me. Shall we continue tomorrow?
 tvmanukrishnan : the name is jishnu i think
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 jishnu : you can only name for the debian/* file
 jishnu : The other files you have keep the copyright of the author
 jishnu , tvmanukrishnan : i think the author for the files except the files inside debian directory should be kushal das on;y
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 Shravan: I don't know the idividual file authors. So, should I check each file for the author name?
 Shravan: a coauthor too for some files.  troorl
 tvmanukrishan1 : yes you will need to check individual files if they have different authors :)
 Shravan, what abt this one ?
tvmanukrishnan1> Shravan: anyway to list them all as we did for the license? Is lazy to check all files...
 jishnu7 : correct now you have to add the Copyright field above the license field with the name of the author who wrote it
 Shravan: Shall we keep the rest for tomorrow? Has to get some sleep.
 jishnu7: not sleeping today?
 tvmanukrishnan1, need to wake up till 2am
 tvmanukrishnan1, need to create the ubuntu edition
 jishnu7: of what?
 i said na.. the ubuntu edition with all necessary utiities..
 tvmanukrishnan1 : you can run the command
 cat * | egrep "Copyright"
 this will show you all the authors of the file
 anyways i am calling this a day
 we will continue tommorow
 jishnu7: okay. go on. I am leaving now.
 Goodni8 all...
 Thanks for the help
 good night all